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Images in coding reports

I have made some improvements to the coding reports section. Reports now show coded image sections. Text and image codings can be exported to open document ODT format and to html format.

coding report with images



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QualCoder, free qualitative data analysis


QualCoder is software that helps with qualitative data analysis.With QualCoder you can code text, images and video, write journal notes and memos. Categorise codes into a hierarchical categorisation scheme (similar to Nvivo). Reports can be generated for text coding and for coder comparison with the Cohen’s Kappa statistic. A graph displaying codes and categories can be generated to visualise the coding hierarchy.

QualCoder files have been uploaded to github:

QualCoder has been written in python3 and pyqt5. It has been tested on Linux Mint and Ubuntu, but not on Windows so far.

It was developed out of PyQDA which in turn was inspired by RQDA. However, QualCoder has a different database structure and is not directly compatible with PyQDA or RQDA.

I hope it generates some interest and that people can use it for their needs and give me feedback to improve QualCoder.

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