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Debian Package

The latest Debian package qualcoder-1.4.deb is available from

This is for easy instillation on Debian based Linux systems such as Debian, Ubuntu and Linux Mint.

It may not be standards compliant but it works. It creates an application launcher or you can run it from the terminal via the following command:

python3 /usr/share/qualcoder/

Post updated 27 Oct 2019




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Audio and Video coding

Audio and video can be coded in the code_av dialog. One screen shows the video the other contains the coding and video controls. Coded segments are shown in the upper section of the pane. Hovering the mouse over a coded segment give you detail about that segment. Right-clicking brings up a menu where you can add a memo, play the video from that point, or delete the segment.


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Audio and video – initial development

Audio and video files can be imported into QualCoder in the following formats: wav, mp3, mov, mp4, ogg, wmv.

You do need to have the vlc media player installed. See their site for details:

Or you can download through the Windows Store. Alternatively, on linux you can add vlc using the terminal (or run the install script):

sudo apt install vlc qtwayland5

Audio and video segments can be coded. Currently, the only way to obtain reports on coded segments or delete coded segments is through the sql_dialog window. Further work will be implemented to improve these functions.

The audio or video is shown in its own dialog window and the controls, codes and transcript is shown in a separate dialog, as illustrated below.



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