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Windows 10 and VLC versions

On Windows 10, the standard qualcoder with vlc does not run. I added a qualcoder_non_av folder so that Windows users who get an error with vlc can use this version instead. This version does not allow audio/video coding or viewing.

I think the key problem is some programs are written for 32 bit architecture and some are written for 64 bit architecture.

This means: If you have a 32 bit python installed and a 64 bit vlc installed (or vice-versa, a 64 bit python and 32 bit vlc) QualCoder will not run as the two architectures do not talk to each other.

The easiest solution is to install a vlc bit version that matches the python bit version. This should then allow QualCoder to first run and open, and secondly to work with audio and video.

This image shows I am running Python in 32 bit architecture:


This image, from the task manager,  shows vlc is running as 64 bit architecture. If it was 32 bit is would be noted as such in brackets.



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