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Qualcoder-1.9 Release

This latest release May 2020 of QualCoder is available from

This release fixes some bugs.


  • Improved French translations.
  • When image coding the boxes are colored to match the code color.
  • Auto-coding text allows you to assign multiple differing sections of text with the same code by using the pipe ‘|’ separator. For example assigning the words politics|politicians with a selected code.
  • There are additional options in the view graph dialog. Right-click context menu on a line gives options to emphasis selected lines by color, thickness and style.


There have been some requests of how to cite QualCoder. This is an example in APA style:

Curtain, C. (2020) QualCoder 1.9 [Computer software]. Retrieved from
Some limitations
ebook importation may not always work.The importation and exportation of projects in the REFI-QDA format is experimental and not fully compliant with the standards.
Functionalities that may not match the standard:
Coding for a/v transcripts is also exported as a TextSource.
Transcript synchronization with a/v is approximated from textual timepoints in the transcript.
Large > 2GBfiles are not stored externally.


PDF sources not imported.
Audio and video transcriptions, synchpoints and transcription coding to be further tested.
Sets and Node Graphs are not imported: Qualcoder does not use this functionality.
Large > 2GBfiles are not stored externally.


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