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QualCoder 2.0

The August 2020 of QualCoder is available from

This release contains bug fixes. It also contains a lot of GUI improvements, including storing window sizes and a recent project menu. There is improved importing and exporting of files. Import of survey files in xlsx format is now available. There is also a Japanese language option (which will need revision),

The importation and exportation of projects in the REFI-QDA format is experimental and not fully compliant with the standards. There is improvement in text coding with better support for imported REFI-QDA files with some characters, e.g. smart quotes, than the previous version.

This release requires the installation of the python module: openpyxl
The manual contains the instructions to install this module.

The release contains a Debian for Linux and a folder. The, source.tar.gz contains one bug in the AV module to do with coding AV segments. The contains the source code also, without the bug.



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