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QualCoder 2.1

The latest QualCoder release is now available.

Improved REFI MAXQDA import – Qualcoder now tests for Sources and sources directory in the qdpx folder.
Improved REFI-QDA and RQDA imports by auto-selecting a coder name for use on import.
Added key commands for changing text coding sizes. Shift + Left arrow, Shift + Right arrow, Alt + Left arrow, Alt + Right arrow.

Audio and Video play speed now ranges from 0.1 speed up to 2.0 speed.
Added key commands for audio/video play speed. Ctrl + Shift + < and Ctrl + Shift + >

Added video window right-context menu. This can be used to resize the window if re-sizing is difficult. It can also export a screenshot of the current image in the window.

Added exportable relation table to match the RQDA relation function.
Added the RQDA getCodingTable function. This is a SQL command, under joins in the SQL Dialog).



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