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QualCoder 2.4 release

The latest release of QualCoder has been published:

It contains a major change from many opened dialog windows. to a tabbed interface with four tabs for actions performed log, coding, manage and reports.

Details of other updates are:

  • Use of base64 for icons.
  • Export option for case and file attributes.
  • Reports – Case matrix – various options for the matrix columns: codes, categories, top categories.
  • Extra explanation for text search in code text regards Regex.
  • Additional shortcut keys when coding:
  • Shortcut R to select Recent codes. (requires text selection)
  • Shortcut Q to Quick code with the most recent code. (requires text selection)
  • Shortcut M to memo a code. (click on the coded segment first)
  • Shortcut O to cycle through overlapping codes in situ. (click on the coded segment first)
  • Code in context of original file – now available in code text, code image, code av, graph and code reports results. In the coding menus in code text ,code image, code AV, click on ‘Show coded files’ code tree menu option then in the displayed codes window, click on a colored heading to show the code in its original context.
  • In code text: the font size for the document text can be changed. (Future: this may be moved to an option for all document text in the Settings menu).
  • In Manage Attributes. Right click on ‘numeric’ for an attribute and there is a menu option to change to ‘character’.

I skipped the 2.3 release as I could not change two minor issues after the code was released on Github.



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