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Some upcoming 3.0 version features

QualCoder 3.0 will be able to produce a range of charts – pie charts, bar charts, treemap and sunburst charts. These are produced with plotly. The examples below come from the following dataset: What do we mean by “data” in the arts and humanities? Interview transcripts (University of Bologna, FICLIT) and GTM coding.

Bar charts.

Currently in development are heatmap charts for cases or files against codings.


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Move from Qt5 to Qt6

I have spent a few weeks working on this update. I have moved the graphical interface framework from Qt5 to Qt6 today.

While I have done a lot of testing to iron out any bugs from the move, it is possible bugs are present. Please post any bugs you find on the github issues page.

There are a couple of other update and error fixes that I have addressed also. I will probably put out a new 3.0 release in a month’s time, to allow any Qt6 bugs to surface first.

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