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New facebook page and group for QualCoder

Hello everyone,

I have created a facebook page and group for QualCoder. The intention is for you to share your experiences using QualCoder. How to do things in QualCoder and describe problems using QualCoder and the solutions and work flows you have developed.

The group may become a good community to describe your research. The qualitative approaches you use, the data you have collected, and how you collected the data. How you interpret the data and the methodological approaches you use.

This is an updated link to a public group now.


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New YouTube post in Spanish

Thank you to Alfonso Robles for creating this post in Spanish for Qualcoder 3.0.

InstalaciĆ³n de Qualcoder 3 en Windows y crear proyecto.

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Increased interest in QualCoder

Visitors arriving at the home page on the QualCoder WordPress site have increased substantially over the years, since the earliest versions of QualCoder were released on GitHub.

I guess this shows increased awareness and interest in the software. It is also impacted by the Windows 10 exe releases which I began creating with pyinstaller during 2021. This year, 2022, looks like it will be on track to reach 14,000 visits by December.

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