QualCoder 3.1 released

Hi all, I have released a newer version of QualCoder:


There are Executables for windows 10 or 11 and for Ubuntu 22.04.

Most changes in this release are fixing bugs, adding a lot of user manipulations to the Graph, export the Results matrix. More are detailed on the webpage.

For those who install from the command line or terminal, you need to also install the python vlc package (use py or python3):

py -m pip install python-vlc



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10 responses to “QualCoder 3.1 released

  1. JP

    Hi, thanks for the update. I have a question, ¿where I can save te project ? when I make some changes and I close QualCoder, then I open the program and it doesn’t recognize the changes I made. It’s like I didn’t do anything

    • ccbogel

      That’s strange. When I use QualCoder I save the project folder on the main computer (e.g. on the Desktop or in the Documents folder). I do not use a cloud locations, and I have never tested using QualCoder accessing a cloud-based storage (e.g. one drive or similar).

  2. Rahul A

    Thanks for the update Colin. Finding the export feature useful. Is there a way to get the order of codes from “Code frequencies” replicated in “Coding reports”?

  3. Frank

    I’m starting on the program and its much more friendly than Atlas Ti, I have a question is it possible to add an option to only code the first option of each file when using automatic text coding? I’m using it to code bibliographic data and I only care if its mentioned once or not in a study/abstract not if it appears multiple times, which distorts the analysis, maybe export to csv would be easier to do data manipulation it in R or others.

    • ccbogel

      Hi Frank. Thanks for the feedback regards easier to use.
      Im considering your request, as it is unique. Not hard to implement.
      Are you using the exe or did you do a manual install from the latest code? I ask because it would be easy to modify the souce code for your needs alone.

      • Frank

        Hello, thanks for your time, I used the exe. Those two features (multiple codding and a prompt for coding without having to click each code) would make it fairly robust.

    • ccbogel

      I have made this happen for the ‘exact text’ auto-code button. Right-click to choose ‘all’, ‘first’ or ‘last’ matches in the selected files. This will come out in the 3.2 release. The 3.2 release will be coming out in a few weeks.

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