QualCoder 3.1 tutorial video

The video is full length – 45 minutes – and covers introduction, coding, reports and special function. Some of the early section is slightly blurry, and some is a bit quiet in volume.

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Student Versions site

It’s nice to see QualCoder listed as a good free alternative to Nvivo.

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QualCoder 3.1 released

Hi all, I have released a newer version of QualCoder:


There are Executables for windows 10 or 11 and for Ubuntu 22.04.

Most changes in this release are fixing bugs, adding a lot of user manipulations to the Graph, export the Results matrix. More are detailed on the webpage.

For those who install from the command line or terminal, you need to also install the python vlc package (use py or python3):

py -m pip install python-vlc



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New facebook page and group for QualCoder

Hello everyone,

I have created a facebook page and group for QualCoder. The intention is for you to share your experiences using QualCoder. How to do things in QualCoder and describe problems using QualCoder and the solutions and work flows you have developed.

The group may become a good community to describe your research. The qualitative approaches you use, the data you have collected, and how you collected the data. How you interpret the data and the methodological approaches you use.

This is an updated link to a public group now.


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New YouTube post in Spanish

Thank you to Alfonso Robles for creating this post in Spanish for Qualcoder 3.0.

Instalación de Qualcoder 3 en Windows y crear proyecto.

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Increased interest in QualCoder

Visitors arriving at the home page on the QualCoder WordPress site have increased substantially over the years, since the earliest versions of QualCoder were released on GitHub.

I guess this shows increased awareness and interest in the software. It is also impacted by the Windows 10 exe releases which I began creating with pyinstaller during 2021. This year, 2022, looks like it will be on track to reach 14,000 visits by December.

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Create new project (French)

Prof. Veronique has created another video in French discussing creating a new project, attributes, file loading and beginning the coding development. Thank you again!

Nouveau projet sur Qualcoder : attributs, importation de documents, arbre hiérarchique.

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An installation video (french)

Thank you to Véronique for making a QualCoder installation video in French.

This may help French speakers with the installation of QualCoder. More videos are to come.


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QualCoder 3.0 Release

Hello everyone,

I have released QualCoder 3.0 today. I have only tested on Ubuntu 20.04 and Windows 10.
You must have VLC installed. Optionally, install ffmpeg for speech to text and waveform image creation. (ffmpeg tested on Ubuntu only).
There is an exe for Windows 10 and an executable for Ubuntu 20.04.

The graphical framework have been updated from Qt5 to Qt6.

Other changes:

Manage files

  • Rename database file name entry, function added.

Code text

  • Fixed uncaught IndexError exception when editing text positions.
  • Fixed AttributeError updating Tooltips in merge_codes
  • Export coded text file to odt or html. Does not export the tooltips (future work to do).


  • Added Charting function.
  • Pie, Bar, Sunburst, Heatmap and Treemap charts can be created and are displayed in the default web browser. Heatmaps are limited to 40 rows and 40 columns for nicer display and faster rendering.
  • Graph
    • Added right-click menu options to show files and cases as text objects.
    • Added right-click menu options to add extra free text objects and lines.
    • zoom +/- function.
    • Future work will be to save and load these user edited graphs within the database.

Special functions

  • Added ability to merge another QualCoder project into the current project. Always make a back up of your project first, just in case there is a problem.

Errors fixed

  • File deletion error – SQL bindings mismatch – fixed.
  • Uncaught IndexError exception when editing text positions from within code text – fixed.
  • AttributeError updating Tooltips when merging codes- fixed.
  • Dark text on dark code colour in Code image fixed. Now shows white text. fixed.


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Some upcoming 3.0 version features

QualCoder 3.0 will be able to produce a range of charts – pie charts, bar charts, treemap and sunburst charts. These are produced with plotly. The examples below come from the following dataset: What do we mean by “data” in the arts and humanities? Interview transcripts (University of Bologna, FICLIT) and GTM coding.

Bar charts.

Currently in development are heatmap charts for cases or files against codings.

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