What is QualCoder

QualCoder is free, open source software for qualitative data analysis.

With QualCoder you can code text and images, write journal notes and memos. You can categorise codes into a tree-like hierarchical categorisation scheme. Coding for audio and video can be performed and requires the VLC media player.

Reports can be generated for text coding and for coder comparison using the Cohen’s Kappa statistic. A graph displaying codes and categories can be generated to visualise the coding hierarchy. Most reports can be exported as html, open document text, csv or plain text files.

QualCoder is designed to be used as client-based software to be used by one person at a time. (A second coder can use the same project on the same computer, or the project folder can be transferred to the second coder’s computer). QualCoder is not designed to be multi-accessed at the same instance in time.

QualCoder is written in python 3 using Qt6 for the graphical interface. A Sqlite database is used to store the coding data.

The most current QualCoder software is available from https://github.com/ccbogel/QualCoder. Software releases are available from: https://github.com/ccbogel/QualCoder/releases These contain source code and executables. The minimum supported python version is 3.7.The minimum recommended screen size is 1024 x 600 pixels.

Why use QualCoder?

Qualcoder is free of charge. Many qualitative analysis software requiring expensive one-time fees or monthly subscriptions. Not everyone can afford expensive fees.

QualCoder is easy to use. It has all you need to perform qualitative analysis without the complicated interfaces of some alternatives.

QualCoder works offline. Internet is not always available and QualCoder does not require internet to work.

QualCoder is not tied to a computer. If you change workplace you do not have to worry about being tied to your former workplace’s license or to buy a new license. QualCoder license allows you to use the software regardless of where you work or on what computer it is installed on.

QualCoder is multi-platform. It runs on Linux, Windows and Mac, this means that you do not have to worry if you change operating systems, and it also means you can collaborate with colleagues on different platforms.

QualCoder relies on the community. If you find a bug or have a feature request or feedback, write it on QualCoder’s page on github https://github.com/ccbogel/QualCoder.

QualCoder is always improving. QualCoder is actively developed meaning that newer, improved versions are released with improvements.

QualCoder supports open standards. QualCoder aims to support the REFI-QDA Standard, see https://www.qdasoftware.org/ You may exchange codebooks and projects with your colleagues even if they do not use QualCoder, as long as the software they use supports the REFI-QDA Standard. It means that you do not risk your data being unavailable. REFI-QDA Project is not guaranteed 100% compliant yet. Further testing particularly for audio and video exports and imports and relatively-linked files is needed.

QualCoder can be modified. You can modify and adapt QualCoder to your needs, or if you do not how you ask someone to do it for you, as long as you release your changes to everyone. This also means you can copy the software and give it to your colleagues or students free of charge.

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